I fully recommend Rachel as her calm thorough approach was so reassuring. It felt great to put myself in her hands and follow the great advice that was given. It made it so easy to be able to know what the best supplements to take were. Great recipe and smoothie ideas too!

Nicola, 52

The consultation was so thorough and geared towards me.  I had such a variety of areas to focus on going forwards.  I thought Rachel was great – she was so incredibly thorough in getting to know me that I felt very relaxed and confident with her advice. The dietary and supplement recommendations were all so helpful and I noticed a real difference.

Emily, 40

I was really struggling with my energy levels to the point that it was affecting my breathing and also suffering from very heavy periods and complaints with my digestion, that I had stopped noticing and thought were just part of life. I felt dreadful.

Seeing Rachel has changed my life. Even if you think you are a healthy eater or know about nutrition (like I did) you don’t know as much as you think! And the extra analysis of the data from various tests, that you just can’t get from the GP, is what made the progress possible, because the nutritional advice was targeted towards me as an individual.

Knowing what I know now about my body and what it needs and how that differs from the next person means that I can understand what I need to eat, in order to remain healthy and get fitter. I have gone from struggling to walk on some days to walking anything up to 7km every day and doing 1km runs after 6 months.

And as for the hormonal issues around menopause and periods that I had more or less given up on ever getting any better, I can’t believe the difference! Within a very short time my periods settled down as did all the PMS and all the horrible symptoms around that time. My skin is much nicer and I look so much better! I feel younger.

It was absolutely worth every penny and I would have paid more. Rachel’s attention to detail and professionalism must have taken hours and hours. I also felt that Rachel listened really well and when she could tell I wasn’t keen on an idea or that I just felt I couldn’t fit it into my lifestyle she came up with another idea and allowed me to have a voice in the whole journey. Thank you so much!

Amy, 41

I have always wondered how to achieve the best results for my body with diet, with a recent slightly higher cholesterol result and some bloating, I decided now was the time. My favourite part of the programme was being able to get to the bottom of any issues I believed I had and finding out what foods do not work for my body.

You absolutely have to do this. I have found it immensely helpful and it is the only way to really get to the bottom of things. Plus you can move forward knowing exactly what to do, rather than leaving anything to chance or guess work.

It is totally, 100% worth the investment. I just can’t believe I didn’t do this before.

Alex, 43

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 Problem periods
 Brain fog / poor memory

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 Low Libido
 Headaches and migraines
 Insomnia or disturbed sleep
 Endometriosis or PCOS
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Start your journey to health and vitality


Start your journey to health and vitality