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Hi, I’m Rachel

Having struggled with stress, hormone imbalance and just not being the happy-go-lucky mum and partner I wanted to be, I discovered the power of nutrition and lifestyle change which helped transform my health and happiness.

My Story

Looking back my hormone issues started when I was about 12 with bad skin, not just the occasional spot but millions of little pimples with bigger eruptions on top. I felt self-conscious and ended up taking antibiotics for years, out of desperation.

Through my 20s things didn’t improve, probably exacerbated by too many late nights, poor diet and alcohol. I struggled to keep my weight down and my skin suffered. I switched my antibiotics for the contraceptive pill, desperate for relief and blissfully unaware of the side effects it could cause.

Fast forward to my forties and life was pretty hectic. I was studying full-time, had two young children and a busy husband who couldn’t help out. Life was hard enough but I had no idea what was about to hit me. My dad fell ill, in fact he was so weak and frail that we almost lost him before we could figure out what was wrong. I will never forget the fear and worry I felt during those weeks. Dad was diagnosed with Lymphoma and bravely fought for 18 months before he passed away.

The Low Point

During that time caring for my children and husband, meeting study deadlines, supporting my parents and making sure two rabbits were fed sent my stress levels through the roof. But it wasn’t just the stress bothering me, I felt like I was living on a hormone rollercoaster. I was snappy with my children and grumpy with my husband. My mood swings were all over the place, I wasn’t sleeping well and I felt exhausted and foggy. I was like a swan; on the surface I seemed fine but underneath I was swimming like crazy just to stay afloat.

Happier Times

Thankfully my studies as a nutritionist helped me enormously. I started to understand the powerful role of hormones in the body and how stress can take its toll. Armed with this knowledge I tried new foods, supplements and lifestyle changes that helped me manage my stress, rebalance my hormones and regain my vitality.

My Mission

Now I am passionate about helping other women struggling with stress, hormone imbalance and perimenopause. I would love to help you, using the knowledge and experience I have gained, to feel rebalanced, re-energised and ready to embrace life again.

Qualifications & Professional Memberships 

I completed four years of study at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), graduating with a distinction in Nutritional Therapy. Since graduating I regularly undertake training to continue my professional development and keep up to date with the latest scientific research, relevant to the field of nutrition.

I am also registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the independent UK regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners, which sets out a Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance designed to protect the public. 

I am fully registered member of the British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), the professional body for nutritional therapists. 

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